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Dragon Cam Set size 1-4 by DMM


DMM Dragon Cam Set size 1-4

The Dragon Cams are a perfect blend of strength, lightness and function; put simply they are a joy to use.

DMM produced a single stem design with a dual axle. The main advantage of the single stem design with two axles is that it allows a greater range for each camming unit. They have kept Ray Jardines original 13.75 degree constant camming angle, which gives the perfect balance between holding power and range. By introducing the hot forging process for the cam lobes (in sizes 1 to 6) they were able to produce a highly sophisticated shape in A6082 alloy for the added bite, and make significant weight savings.

Using strong springs to make the cam sit more securely, means that they are more resistant to being pulled out of slippy placements and the potential for "walking" is reduced. The grip and trigger combination sits perfectly in the hand. Even when you are really pumped, or wearing full winter gloves it handles like a dream. It also incorporates the double extendable 8mm Dyneema sling which means you only need one biner for each cam placement, another significant weight saving.


  • A lightweight single stem cam with dual axles.
  • Special thumb grip and trigger bar for easy handling.
  • Hot forged cam lobes to reduce weight.
  • A6082 cam lobes for added bite.
  • Original 13.75 degree camming angle.
  • 14kN in passive position (sizes 1-6).
  • Fitted with extendable 8mm Dyneema slings.
  • Colour coded to help you make a speedy identification.


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NB Product currently subject to a £40.00 reduction
Cam Size Colour Weight (g) Strength (kN) Passive Strength (kN) Range (mm)
1 Purple 97 14 14 20-33
2 Green 106 14 14 24-41
3 Red 119 14 14 29-50
4 Gold 148 14 14 38-64
( Code:  24_6946 ) £230.00 now £ 190.00

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